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Septic Cleaning

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Septic Cleaning in Sugar Grove


For septic cleaning, don't rely on chemicals that promise you'll never need another tank pumping. Trust the old rule: if it's too good to be true, it probably is. By not having your tank professionally cleaned every 3 years (at the most), you set yourself up for financial losses in the form of costly repairs or lessened property value. You could also contaminate not only your own water supply, but that of your neighbors as well, causing serious health hazards. By using chemical additives, you are especially at risk of causing toxic harm to your family and surrounding water sources.


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Septic Tank Maintenance is Important

Don't underestimate the importance of your septic tanks maintenance. By not taking care of it properly, it can affect your wallet, your health, and the environment. For septic system care in Sugar Grove NC and other areas in Watauga County, call A-1 Appalachian Discount Pumping. Get a quote for your septic cleaning cost by calling us today at 828-264-2450 or filling out the form on this webpage. We'll call you back to discuss your septic cleaning needs.