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Septic Services

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Septic System Care


Septic services, such as pumping, should be done every 2-3 years, but by following the US EPA's suggestions, you can keep up on your septic maintenance between pumps. Don't treat your toilet like a garbage disposal – that means don't flush anything aside from toilet paper and human waste. On a related note, don't pour toxins, chemicals, or grease down any of your sinks – stick to water and normal amounts of household cleaners. Keep livestock and vehicles off your system and only plant grass near your system to avoid damage from roots. Also, try to minimize your water usage.


Call 828-264-2450 for septic services from A-1 Pumping.

Septic Services in Blowing Rock

Additionally, you should keep a drawing of the location of your system in your records and have a trusted septic expert answer any questions you might have about your tank. For septic system care in Blowing Rock, you need the experts. That’s why you need to call A-1 Appalachian Discount Pumping. Get a quote for your septic cleaning cost by calling us today at 828-264-2450 or filling out the form here. It’s not hard to schedule your appointment so contact us today.